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Pursuing our vision at international paper, we are meeting todays needs for renewable, fiberbased packaging, pulp and paper while sharpening our focus on the future. Vision 2030 jamaica national development plan a vision for. Republic of zambia viiissssiiiioooonnnnnnnn 22200033330000 vv. Vision 2030 of the planning commission of pakistan. National plans vision 2030 national planning commission. It articulates the appropriate national and sector goals to meet peoples aspirations. Strategic objectives for economic development to 2030. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone. Considering all planning documents, sectoral plans, out of.

Identifying quantitative targets in 2020 and 2030, in light. The goal of our vision is to improve the quality of life of the people of namibia to the level of their counterparts in the developed world, by 2030. Proposed healthy people 2030 objectives by topic area. Strategic objectives and vision realization programs. The national development plan ndp offers a longterm perspective. Our four vision 2030 goals will help us drive sustainable outcomes for people and communities, the environment and our customers. Mission calvin college equips students to think deeply, to act justly, and to live wholeheartedly as christs agents of renewal in the world. Importantly, the site is intended to facilitate greater interaction with you our stakeholders. From ksa vision 2030 to 96 strategic objectives vision structure vs.

Reduce the rate of adolescent and young adult victimization from crimes of violence. Nations sustainable development goals sdgs and egypts sustainable development strategy sds, referred to as vision 2030 ministry of planning, monitoring and administrative reform, 2016. T o become a topranked regional university serving students, alumni and the community. A national vision is a perception of the future, which reveals and points to something new, beyond what is already available and accessible. The ifs model forecasts 94 variables that are related to sdg indicators. The documents are hereby made available for free and easy access. The national vision identifies the outcomes for the country to 2030. The kenya vision 2030 aims to transform kenya into a newly industrializing, middleincome country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment. How will we develop action plans to achieve the strategic objectives. National vision to 2030 and strategy 4 by 2030, trinidad and tobago will be able to sustain its own development and provide a high quality of life for all its citizens for generations to come. Vision 2030 jamaica national development plan has four 4 national goals. Adapt the academic structure of the university to most effectively support the liberal arts core, new graduatedegree programs, the performing and. A new vision for the environment our vision is to be a leader in health, safety and environmental protection.

Mongolia sustainable development vision 2030 5 state great hural of mongolia resolution re. The envisioning nepal 2030 seminar is an endeavor of the national planning commission npc to chart nepals longterm development strategy. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. The goals are contained in paragraph 54 united nations resolution ares701 of 25 september 2015. Vision 2030 is a bold yet achievable blueprint for an ambitious nation. Under strategy 2030, adb will sustain its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty and expand its vision to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable asia and the pacific. Strategy 2030 sets the course for the asian development bank adb to respond effectively to the regions changing needs. Building resilience of the poor and vulnerable is one of the targets under this goal and one where the role of wetlands can be clearly illustrated. Preface launch of the kingdoms vision 2030 april 25, 2016 june 06, 2016. The agenda sets out a vision to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. The plan will build on work already undertaken by the task force on education transformation. Increase the proportion of youth with special health care needs, ages 12 17, who receive services to support their transition to adult health care. At its heart are the 17 sustainable development goals sdgs, which.

D this paper has been configured to serve as the health section of the document, which will capture the key directions of the vision 2030 forecasting exercise of the planning commission of the government of pakistan. Saudi arabia vision 2030 goals and objectives infographic. Alongside vision 2030 we are introducing our new identity as amfori a name directly inspired by the amphorae. Vision 2030 jamaica is based on a fundamental vision to make jamaica the place of choice to, live, work. Download the innovative optical and wireless network global forum vision 2030 and technical directions white paper here. It is fitting that the vision 2030 jamaica national development plan, which is being tabled in parliament, is the result of widespread consultations with stakeholders across jamaica, as it embodies the kinds of positive conversations that we must have if we are to express our concerns one to another, define our common goals and. Draft national vision 2030 goals and alignment with the united nations agenda 2030. The 2030 agenda for sustainable development sustainabledevelopment. In order to build the capacity and capabilities required to achieve the ambitious goals of vision 2030, the national transformation program was launched as a vrp involving 24 government agencies. Practitioners guide to strategic green industrial policy. The sustainable development goals sdgs, also referred to. The aim was to create universal goals, addressing the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development together. How will the vision realization programs be implemented. In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 global goals for sustainable development global goals, to create a better world by 2030.

To raise employment rates upwards, not only in the formal sector, but also covering the sme sector. Vision 2030 was built on 3 pillars that draw on ksas intrinsic strengths. The sustainable development goals sdgs, officially known as transforming our world. Vision 2030 jamaica national development plan page vi j am ic,th ep l ofv w rk snd bu as a united family at home and abroad, we commit to a vision in which. Cda vision 2030 4 forecast strategic public safety needs every 10 years, seek council direction and approval to ask taxpayers to approve a general obligation bond to fund facilities, apparatus and equipment to meet the vision to make greater coeur dalene a safer and healthier place. Introduction inspired by the ancient egyptian civilization, linking the present to future, the sustainable development strategy sds. I am confident that kenyans will meet these challenges, in order to. Adapt the academic structure of the university to most effectively support the liberal arts core, new graduatedegree programs, the performing and visual arts, and a professional school. G uided by vision 2030 as approved by the augustana board of trustees, the university strives to become a topranked regional university in service to students and grounded in the shared values of. Egypt vision 2030 represents a foothold on the way towards inclusive development. Goal area 1 all people live in just and peaceful societies goal area 2 all people survive and thrive in the face of disasters goal area 3. Sustainability matters in national development visions. The sector plan for education is influenced by the guiding principles in the vision 2030 jamaica national development plan and is based on a shared vision of placing jamaica prominently on the global map in terms of excellence in education. Our 2030 goals across all of our goal areas we practice a preferential option for the poor and prioritize reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized among our sisters and brothers around the world.

The qatar national vision 2030 qnv 2030, launched in october 2008 by his highness sheikh tamim bin hamad al thani, heir apparent, defines longterm development outcomes for qatar, and provides a framework within which national development strategies and implementation plans can be prepared. Key strategic goals include reinforcing economic and investment activities, increasing. Crs vision 2030 strategycrs vision 2030 strategy the urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change. Under strategy 2030, adb will sustain its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty and expand its vision to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient. Iown gfs goals include securing 100 members, publishing 75 technical specifications and releasing 50 proofofconcepts by 2030. Therefore, the fourth national goal of the vision 2030 jamaica national development plan has this focus jamaica has a healthy natural environment the national outcomes for this goal are. Thus cultivating a prosperity path through, economic and social justice, and reviving the role of egypt in regional leadership. National planning commission, trevor manuel, said at a media briefing on the implementation of the plan on 19 february 20. Metrics approved and announced in official ntp documents. The augustana board of trustees approved six aspirational goals as part of vision 2030. Vision 2030 jamaica national development plan a vision. In 2004, namibia adopted vision 2030, a document that clearly spells out the countrys development programmes and strategies to achieve its national objectives. In a competitive global market, the natural environment plays an impactful role in the success of any countrys economy. The publication briefly states the main goals of the economic, social and political pillars that underpin vision 2030.

Kenya vision 2030 a globally competitive and prosperous kenya. Vision 2030 focuses on eight themes to realise the countrys long term vision. Click the links below to download the document associated with the selected section presidents forword preface by the directorgeneral of npc acronyms and. The time frame of the vision coincides with the timeframe for the sdgs.

Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Vision 2030 is a natural evolution for our organisation, and all existing services and products we provide will continue as part of it. Since our last set of environmental targets were launched in 2010, our structured approach to minimizing our environmental impact has helped us make considerable progress. Vision 2030 of the planning commission of pakistan strategic health imperatives sania nishtar. United nations sustainable development goals sdgs 2015. This site provides you with information on vision 2030 jamaica national development plan, the medium term socioeconomic policy framework mtf 20182021, and related issues. Vision will be the point of reference for our future. A closer look indicates that the kenya vision 2030 is well aligned to the global development framework and its implementation is directly linked towards achieving the sdgs. Kenya vision 2030 a globally competitive and prosperous.

With the promulgation of the constitution of nepal in which are enshrined the goals of perpetual peace, development and prosperity, good governance. Household spending to be increased on cultural and entertainment activities inside the kingdom from level of 2. Egypt plans to address files including nile water, consolidation of egypts relations with the nile. Iown gf unveils vision 2030 white paper, launches working. National development plan 2030 south african government. It also summarises the major or flagship projects to be embarked upon in the mediumterm period of the vision i. The kenya vision 2030 is a vehicle for accelerating transformation of our country into a rapidly industrializing middleincome nation by the year 2030. Wetlands offer a clean and reliable source of water, particularly in times of drought, for cattle, agriculture and human consumption. Sme parks training of engineers and technicians social pillar investing in the people of kenya. The vision 2030 embassy of the republic of zambia in. Develop a county sports stadia rehabilitation of county health facilities to offer. Nursing 2030 vision at a glance our vision it achieves this through focusing effort on the key themes that emerged from a national engagement process, the direction of travel for health and social care policy in scotland, and national and international evidence.

Delivering the global goals by 2030 will require collaboration across the. What are the strategic objectives at the heart of saudi arabias vision 2030. Goals and targets go boston 2030 58 59 vision peoples voice i boston today goals and targets action plan peoples voice iiboston in 2030 projects and policies boston transportation department march 2017. It defines a desired destination and identifies the role different sectors of society need to play in reaching that goal, minister in the presidency. Jul 23, 2017 researched, edited and compiled by mary alexander. The national development plan, or ndp, is a plan to unite south africans, unleash the energies of its citizens, grow an inclusive economy, build capabilities, and enhance the capability of the state and leaders working together to solve complex problems. Goals of saudi arabia vision 2030 to rank three saudi cities in topranked 100 cities in the world. Overall, the draft national development strategy vision 2030. It guides our aspirations towards a new phase of development to create a vibrant society in which all citizens can fulfill their dreams, hopes and ambitions to succeed in a thriving economy. Egypts vision 2030 and planning reform nihal elmegharbel, phd deputy to the minister of planning, monitoring and administrative reform integrated approaches to sustainable development planning and implementation new york may 27, 2105.

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