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The system furnished under this specification shall be the standard product of a manufact urer regularly engaged in the production of lightning protection equipment and a member of lpi. We offer a wide range of solutions for lightning protection, bonding, and grounding for all types of buildings and structures. Protecting communication and sensitive electronic equipment. Lightning elimination systems, based in the gulf coast region since 1996 is a speciality lightning protection system engineering consultant that designs, installs and maintains customized lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding and bonding systems. The minster school, southwell, nottinghamshire completion date. Rapp took the company from a regional lightning protection manufacturer to a national and international manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment. We install square d and leviton class iii surge protection devises to help protect your sensitive electronic equipment from grid surges, brownouts, and lightning strikes. Lightning protection also can be an important feature in nuclear plant construction projects.

An engineer can use a risk assessment calculation based on nfpa 780, installation of lightning protection systems. Protecting communication and sensitive electronic equipment from lightning and voltage surges introduction operating a business in the information age of the 1990s requires a reliable and efficient means of communication and data processing. Lightning protection for electric systems and loads. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks.

Quickly merge multiple pdf files or part of them into a single one. Instantly merge pdfs by document or page free with pdfcreator online. By law, testing and certification must occur every 2 years. Pdf model study of lightning protection of 110 kv substation. The market leader will remain 3 m with a market share above 2030%.

Importance of lightning protection northeast lightning. Nonconventional approaches to lightning protection. Northern lightning protection is a harger factory trained installation contractor of underwriter laboratories master label lightning protection systems lps. Provide and install a complete lightning protection system in compliance with the specifications and standards of the most current editions of the national fire protection associations lightning protection standard nfpa780, and underwriters laboratories lightning protection. This premier and trusted vertical directory contains manufacturers, distributors and service companies giving access to all their information available on the internet. This method is a simplification of the rsm for structures that do not exceed 50 feet in height. Report of the federal interagency lightning protection user group june 2001. Model study of lightning protection of 110 kv substation. Any lightningprotection system must be grounded, and the lightningprotection ground must be bonded to the electrical equipment grounding system. Megger makes electrical test equipment to help you install, improve efficiency and extend the life of assets and cable networks at high, medium and low voltage.

Lightning protection installation and grounding procedure what is the hazard. All equipment shall be ul listed and properly labeled. Their concern is to neutralise voltage surges on cables caused by inductive or resistive coupling from nearby lightning strikes. With over 3,000 systems installed worldwide, accruing over. Search or browse our list of lightning protection equipment manufacturers companies by category or location. To assure the highest level of protection, ullisted surge arrestors should be installed on electrical service panels. Ingesco has an online tool which allows the calculation of risk and the implementation of protective measures quickly and easily.

This industrial directory contains a broad range of lightning protection equipment companies serving all industries. Lightning protection equipment manufacturers companies in the. And all of this equipment should be installed per nfpa 780. Ecle offers a line of quality lightning protection system equipment that can be fitted for commercial, industrial and residential structures. Seventeen years ago today, a spaceship from a wartorn planet brought several families of aliens to earth. The value received begins with proper design, continues through quality installation practices, and must include inspection and certification. This free online tool allows to combine multiple pdf or image files into a single pdf document. This system provides safety for the building and occupants by preventing damage to the structure caused by lightning. Installations must be installed in conformance with nfpa 780 1 and sansiec 60325 2. One part of this safety program should include an early detection and warning alarm package. After performing an onsite inspection, we develop lightning system specifications for facilities that need protection.

Fundamentals of lightning protection systems page 1 of 14 fundamentals of lightning protection systems, edition 1c september 2011. The main components of a lightning protection system are air terminals, down conductors and ground rods. For structures less than 25 feet in height, a 60 degree, or 1. This high voltage develops because the vo ltage surge induced onto the center conductor. As a fullservice manufacturer, ecle has the ability to fill all of your lightning protection equipment needs. Behavior of grounding systems under direct lightning strike conditions 5. A lightning strike into the ground causes an increase in the ear ths potential which results in a high voltage potential between the center conductor and shield of the coaxial cable. Lightning protection systems for industrial facilities. Access the pdf merger from any internetconnected desktop or mobile device.

Lightning protection for comrex equipment lightning protection is not an exact science. Find details of companies offering lightning protection device at best price. All lightning protection systems and static earthing systems must be fully inspected and tested by competent personnel using calibrated test equipment. Our dedication to customer service and satisfaction has earned us our reputation as the manufacturer that works for you. This paper attempts to separate the desired protection practices from folklore and marketing hype. Lightning surge protection for electronic equipment a. With this tool you can easily split pdf files quickly online. For structure over 25 feet but not in excess of 50 feet, a 45 degree, or 1. Any computer chip exposed to such electrical transients, without proper electrostatic discharge esd protection, will.

The effects of lightning currents must be minimised through bond. Lightning protection products lightning rod supplier ecle. You can follow all the rules and still lose equipment in a severe storm. When considering surge protection for a mains power system, the ability of the whole system to withstand voltage surges should be considered, i. Lightning protection for electric systems and loads protective measures to prevent damage caused by overvoltage global lightning strikes what causes the majority of faults in electronic devices. Ecle has been a leading supplier of highquality, ullisted lightning protection equipment. Lightning detectors may give notice to shut down sensitivedangerous. Overview of lightning detection equipment by national lightning safety institute nlsi. Among our 1500 models available are standard items, specialty items, or standard models modified to suit customer needs. The basis of conventional lightning protection technology.

One wonders if these problems act as a brake on the upgrading plans of the railways. The latter need protecting with surge protection devices spds. Overhead lines lightning protection by multichamber arresters and insulatorarresters article pdf available in ieee transactions on power delivery 261. When high voltage is detected, a switch is tripped, and the electrical equipment is bypassed. As a bonus, it also provides the ability to protect pdf file, remove password from already protected file. Lightning protection equipment manufacturer capabilities ecle. Separate the antenna tower from the equipment building by a minimum of 30 feet. In military and aerospace markets, protecting costly equipment from vehicles to aircraft and beyond from such electrical events is a requirement. The roundhouse redevelopment, derby completion date. About lightning protection lightning elimination systems. Our specialties lightning elimination systems les specializes in lightning risk analysis and mitigation.

Lightning rod dvance ese protection guarantee incorporation of new technologies the lightning rod dvance ese has successfully passed the tests based on the une 21186, nfc 17102 and. Maximal lightning protection in addition to the prevectron models advanced technical specifications fully conductive central rod, dynamic calculation of the surrounding electrical field, autonomous system the prevectron 3 includes for the first time the patented optimax technology. A surge protector is a special device placed at electrical connections between the structure and the grid. Designers and manufacturers of lightning protection systems for buildings, factories, and homes. So make sure to have a licensed electrician install your lightning rod and protection system. The following list identifies the 265lp lightning protection kit key benefits. Free online tool to merge pdf files pdfcreator online. This is a situation where a naive attempt at protection has made things worse, virtually guaranteeing equipment damage when a strike occurs. National lightning protection has been providing lightning protection, grounding, and surge protection equipment for commercial, industrial, government and military applications for the past 25 years. Ieee guide for direct lightning stroke shielding of substations 1.

Rapid installation with small box profile, no programming and no firmware to upgrade. Lightning protection corporation designs, develops, and manufacturers all of its products, which are strictly lightning and surge protective devices. Pdf overhead lines lightning protection by multichamber. The lightning protection institute is a nationwide notforprofit organization founded in 1955 to promote lightning protection education, awareness, and safety. New england lightning protection companies northeast. Protects against costly lan equipment replacement in case of electrical damage. Summary a this section specifies the lightning protection system for the buildings or structures. Considering an eea wide market, the parties will have a combined market share of 1020% in 2009 in the market for passive hearing protection equipment, with a minimal increment of 05% brought by honeywell. Northeast lightning protection, a connecticut ct based company, provides the most advanced commercial and home lightning protection systems according to the codes of underwriters laboratories, inc.

Guardian equipment co 44375 grand river ave, novi, mi 48375. The arising overvoltage in some cases can exceed the insulation level of the power equipment. The high voltage is instead diverted to the earth via a ground wire instead of traveling into the structure. Use surge protectors todays sensitive electronic equipment like cnc machines is particularly vulnerable to lightning. Lightning protection installation and grounding procedure. We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to complete your project and we care about doing the job right. Merge pdf online combine pdf files for free foxit software. Lightning hazards can be mitigated by advanced planning. East coast lightning equipment has been providing lightning protection solutions for over 35 years. Ieee std 9981996, ieee guide for direct lightning stroke.

We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to complete your project. The lightning protection industry began in the united states when benjamin franklin postulated that lightning was electricity, and a metal rod could be used to carry the lightning. Strikes on the tower cause the same problem, in the other direction. Specification lightning protection systems general. Spds do not indeed cannot protect equipment against direct lightning strikes. National lightning protections goal has and will always be to provide only the highest quality lightning protection system components available anywhere. Even a nearby strike might introduce enough of a voltage between the grounds to cook your equipment. Use current division to control the dissipation of lightning strike energy on an antenna tower grounding system through multiple paths.

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