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When viewed with monochromatic light, newtons rings appear as a series of concentric. The occurrence of the newtons rings can be explained on the basis of wave theory of light. Thin film interference with films of varying thickness newton s rings. Newtons ring apparatus aim of the experiment to study the formation of newtons rings in the airfilm in between a planoconvex lens and a glass plate using nearly monochromatic light from a sodiumsource and hence to determine the radius of curvature of the planoconvex lens. Theory let r be the radius of curvature of the lens, aob be the vertical section of the lens surface through its centre of. It is named for isaac newton, who first studied the effect in 1717. Einsteins theory of relativity paved the way for black holes discovery, but the concept behind their existence was so bizarre that even. Py2107 newtons rings physics 2107 newtons rings experiment 5. When a planoconvex lens with large radius of curvature is placed on a plane glass plate such that its curved surface faces the glass plate, a wedge air film of gradually increasing thickness is formed between the lens and the glass plate. Theory let r be the radius of curvature of the lens, aob be the vertical section of the lens surface through its centre of curvature c as shown in the figure. Concept of newtons rings for engineering physics b.

It is named after isaac newton, who investigated the effect in his 1704 treatise opticks. Newtons rings is a phenomenon in which an interference pattern is created by the reflection of light between two surfacesa spherical surface and an adjacent touching flat surface. It is interesting to note that these interference fringes, which demonstrate the wave nature of light, should be credited to newton who was the chief proponent of the corpuscular theory. Basic ring theory math 4120, spring 2014 9 21 ideals in the theory of groups, we can quotient out by a subgroup if and only if it is a. Traveling microscope, sodium vapour lamp, planoconvex lens, plane glass plate, magnifying lens. Newtons rings are the circular interference pattern first discovered by newton.

Even albert einstein had his doubts about black holes. Newtons rings are interference fringes of equal thickness which are produced in the air. When a light ray is incident on the upper surface of the lens, it is reflected as well as refracted. A thin air film is formed between the plate and the lens.

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